Sunday, December 23, 2007

Product Idea

While Anonymous in nature, I will review a few details for those who have an interest in knowing about my product:

  • It has to do with food. However, it isn't a food product.

  • There are two major aspects to this: A website that will require a heck of a lot of content (yes, I will unquestionably outsource the content aspect of the site) and two, a physical device. This device, to some degree, already exists. However, for sake of my marketing, I need to repurpose it slightly. Because the device already exists, I'm hoping a contract manufacturer will be able to replicate it without any engineering junk from me. I am not going to modify the core product - I'm just going to change the way it looks and give it a new purpose in life. I need this because my customers will need to get setup as easily as possible. I want a complete "packaged" solution. Failure for me to deliver this device would mean that I leave my potential customers to have to acquire this on their own. That would make things too hard for them. One stop shopping is what I'm after.

  • I expect to partner with other websites that already offer content that will be of value for my product.

  • I expect to sell A LOT OF THIS!!! I'm not talking hundreds. I'm talking TENS or HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS! In fact, I might be selling myself short with that estimate.

  • I expect to make money from the initial sale of my product, plus from web site content (ads/content/etc...) and from Affiliates that offer complimentary products to mine.

  • My product will be easy to sell at fairs, online, door-to-door and on QVC or other type of infomercial system! Hey, doesn't that sound exciting??? Perhaps one day you will even see my product in stores you visit! Are you wishing me success?
  • My goal is to have it ready by May, 2008. If I can do it quicker then great, but that's my "no later than" target date.

That's it for now! Check back often for updates!

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