Sunday, December 23, 2007

Free Idea: Mashup for Affiliate Accounts

It wouldn't surprise me if such a thing already exists, but if not, here's a free one for the taking (I won't do it):

Create a mashup for managing affiliate accounts! I just started this blog today, and have already created four DIFFERENT accounts for the few products that offer affiliate programs that I put on my other posts. That's amazing!

If you don't know what a mashup is, then this task may not be for you. For general consumption, a mashup is basically a consolidation/aggregation of data from disperate sources (usually web sites/databases/etc...) that can be displayed in a manner that achieves (a) greater functionality, (b) easier navigation or (c) any number of other things to make life easier.

I can see how a pro at this could spend their four hours a week just monitoring their affiliate programs! LOL...not me! But wouldn't a nice web page that brings all the data together in one view be wonderful for the pro's out there?

Anyone familiar with such a thing? If so, let me know. If you build it because of this suggestion then please also let me know so that I know this didn't end up dead in cyberspace - don't worry, I won't ask for anything in return!

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