Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Epiphany (not really) and Merry Christmas

What a great Christmas day with our family. The kids really enjoyed themselves.

I had a slight epiphany today as I was thinking through my little project.

First, I found an extended function for the product that fits nicely with the overall concept but may allow me to reach an even larger audience. Must have been the Christmas festivities that made it ring true in my head!

Secondly, I can market the physical gadget with or without the web site. Since I previously mentioned that the physical device already exists on the market, and I just want to repurpose it a little - why not sell it (or at least attempt to) to the people already buying these gadgets in the first place? My initial feeling is that the gadget is going to be a faster deliverable than the actual web site. The design of the website won't be horribly difficult. The content is the tougher part. It will take time to put all those pieces together. Fortunately, these are parallel tasks - one of which I MUST outsource (the manufacturing of the physical device). The second I will participate in during design and development, but then outsource the content creation. The final packaging must be coordinated, but I can package the actual physical device seperately if it gets completed sooner and then go through a secondary packaging process later for the combined product.

Enough for now, will describe more as we go through the process. I just wanted to get this out for todays minimal post.

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