Saturday, January 5, 2008

What can be done in a week?

If you recall from my post of 12/29/07 - I had another Biz idea presented to me. I liked it and I got some passion brewing inside me and ... oh my... what can be done in a week. Granted, I'm on vacation, but check this out:

1) Logo Created
2) Graphic Designer selected and first draft by Monday
3) Trademark/Service Mark registration started
4) Marketing Material drafts created
5) 800 Number Reserved and PBX account created
6) New Corp process started
7) Mailing List of nearly 30k targeted prospects generated
8) Professional Voice person selected and script created. First version presented
9) Print Product company selected (biz cards, mailers, stationary, etc...)
10) A fair amount of research into company specifics and costs achieved
11) Programming started for web site
12) Marketing plans started across multiple aspects of marketing

That little list of 12 items probably seems easy, but it takes quite a bit of coordination and is the foundation that had to be started. I didn't do it alone, mind you. A combination of partners, VA's and myself got this process in motion. I've probably missed a few items too, but wanted to get this quick post out since I missed one yesterday! :-)




Rex Reed said...

Hi M --

Another good post. Quick question: who / how / what are you using / doing for your Trademark filing? A lawyer? A VA? Yourself? Can you provide some detail on that one?


The Four Hour Trial said...

Hi Rex,

One of my partners took care of the TM/SM and Corporate paperwork. An attorney was hired for the trademark process and a service was used for the corporate filings. I'm not sure which service was used, but I know that has a really good reputation! BTW, I know people who work on their software systems and business process improvements - they are a good service and offer great prices. Had I been in charge of this stuff then I would have used them. However, I hate paperwork and have my hands full with other tasks!

Sorry for the late reply! I was actually waiting for them to approve my request to join their affiliate program before posting! LOL! Hey, every cent counts, right?