Thursday, January 3, 2008

Obama, the next president of the United States


Tonight, we have experienced something that will go down in the history books forever. I'm a decently conservative Republican, but have been saying that Obama would be our next President since the day he announced his candidacy. Be it known: I'm not an active political figure. I've never posted a message about politics. I've actually been quite a poor citizen when it comes to voting. BUT...I am telling you know, and writing it here, even though it has nothing to do with my project - Barack Obama's speech tonight after winning the Iowa Caucuses WILL BE studied by many students and will go down in the history books to a similar degree as those of JFK's and Martin Luther King's.

I rather enjoyed hearing Huckabee's speech too. However, I don't see a republican standing a chance at winning an election this year. The country is fed up with the direction we have been going down. I'm fed up with what is happening in the world. I'm not intelligent or wise enough to have a solution, but I know that we, as a people, want change. We want a fresh perspective, a fresh outlook, a fresh set of attitudes. For some reason, I see Obama as JFK. I can't explain this, but if that's what I feel then I know a heck of a lot of other people see it too. And they showed that in Iowa tonight.

Obama's speech was simply motivating. It was powerful. It was a message of hope and strength and character - it was something that we should all listen to and learn from. For that reason, it's applicable to my blog. Hope, Challenge, Perseverence, Winning against all odds, setting your goals high, overcoming the nay-sayers. Beautiful and encouraging. Even if you don't vote for Obama, please take a moment to look up this speech on YouTube or wherever it will ultimately end up. It's worth listening to.


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