Thursday, January 31, 2008

Dreamlines - Doing...

I little while back, I posted an insanely disorganized post about my dreamlines. Today, I can offer an update.

As a result of my inability to follow directions, I did my dreamline a few times in that post. A few recurring themes: 1) Relax, 2) Get in Shape and 3) Enroll in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and 4) Spend more time with family.

I can't say I'm relaxed and I'm definitely not in the shape I want to be in. But I did enroll in BJJ today! This, unquestionably, will get me in shape. I'm wiped out right now. I cannot believe how much of a workout I got in just an hour long session. I was drenched in sweat, am already sore and expect that tomorrow when I wake I'll have a hard time walking. I believe that this will reduce my stress levels and naturally help me relax more. Three birds, one stone.

As for spending more time with the kids - I can't say I'm where I want to be, but I did start playing the Wii with them. My 18 month old son brings the controllers to me and is so cute that I have to go in there for a bit. He loves the Wii, even though he doesn't actually play it. He holds the controller and makes noises during the tennis game! We high-five each other when we do well - so awesome!

I also play against the older kids. I don't let them win though - I'm too competitive and they are equal competition (if not better at times). All-in-all, I feel good about spending this little time doing something with them that we all enjoy.

I intend to go to at least 2 BJJ sessions a week - probably more when I'm not traveling. I look forward to learning more about it and I totally expect to enter tournaments within a year as my skill level warrants it. Right now, now way! I hope that I can be in a place within a year to be able to compete, even if I don't finish first (or second, or third, or ...) The experience will be great.


Brick said...

I am glad you were able to "reduce" your dreamlining into a handful of themes. Sometimes you just have to let things sit in your mind and it all comes together - and that's when you can move forward.

After reading "The Rules of Work" by Templar on a plane one day (I literally bought it at the airport so I could read something on the plane), I made a conscious decision to always put family first. To me, that doesn't mean skipping work or not finishing a job, but it does mean choosing family when there is a choice. Kids grow up so fast!

BTW, my son loves the Wii too... I find the trick is to find games with a lot of "Wii-ness", i.e. really utilize the motion sensor - like Wii Sports.

Gavin said...

BJJ is really cool, I just started a couple of weeks ago. Some of the choke holds are really wicked!

My son Jack 4 just started doing martial arts and i went to his first grading and saw a bit of a demo and thought I fancy some of that myself.

If you've got any questions on outsourcing or VA's just give me a shout.

Gavin Allinson

The Four Hour Trial said...

Hey Gavin,

Thanks for your comment! It's great. I went again last night and am really impressed with the various techniques I've learned so far. It clearly will take some time for them to become "natural," but it's pretty amazing how easy it can be to choke someone out! :-) WOW! I'm VERY HAPPY that I finally did this and am pretty amazed at both the physical and cardiovascular workout achieved in a single hour of training.

Best of wishes to you and your son! BTW, love the name JACK! I have a Jake - the boss wouldn't go for Jack for some reason but that was what I wanted. Guess you know who wears the pants in this house, lol...