Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Dreamlining - Step by Step w/o read ahead

I read the book quickly to establish concepts. Now, I must go back and re-read certain things to do the excercises. One thing I recalled was "Dreamlining" - so I looked in the index and it put me on page 53. I'm doing this step-by-step - I haven't read to the end of the section. Let's see what happens:

1) What would I do if I knew I couldn't fail? If I were 10 times smarter than the rest of the world. Instructions say to list up to five things - six months and 12 months. Here goes (yes, would look much better in a table or spreadsheet - but, oh well - goes back to my original statement of writing w/o trying to be pretty about it):

Six Months:


Free Time

Freedom from financial stress (note, different from financial freedom)



Me, but better

Me, with less stress


River Trip - just me and lady and then with entire family, with boat that I may or may not own or owe money on.

12 Months:


Backup plans with respect to finances.

Time to explore things that ultimately makes me happy


More relaxed

Better in my relationships with children and lady.

In better shape - specifically with respect to stamina (see Doing)


Tryout for a show or movie. Why not! Always thought about it, let's try it out!

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with one of my sons - at least two times a week (I was a pretty damn good wrestler and I would love to introduce all of my sons to a sport like this. However, they don't share my same desire. My second youngest will need this for some discipline - I can already tell he's a mini-me - and if I do it with him then he may want to do it too.) I think this form of Martial Art is perfect for me and my children.

2) Not applicable - it helps you if you can't figure out one above - which I was able to do.

3) Convert each being into a doing:

Me, but better - uhhh...hhhmmmm... :-) Maybe I should now go back to step two! LOL

Me, with less stress - Yoga, Excercise, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (as already stated in DOING)

More relaxed - Same as above. Practice deep-breathing as though I were in labor - which is scientifically impossible - I think, for me! :-)

Better in my relationships with children and lady - ahhh... be sweeter, focus on her needs instead of mine. Spend more time with kids in sports activities. Play the Wii more often and let them beat me (uh... they already do).

4) What are the four dreams that would change it all?

Hhhmmm....was I dreaming? Shoot. Now I recall that these were supposed to be unrealistic! Hahaha... Shoot. Freedom from financial stress, River, Better in my relationships, Me, with less stress. Can I go back and change my answers? Hah... Seriously, hitting it big with a biz should have been listed. Okay... I want to hit it HUGE with at least one of the two biz ideas on which I'm currently working. I think financial relief was assumed in my statement, but not stated. Therefore - make at LEAST one of my biz's successful. BTW, thanks for letting me cheat! You would too!

Okay...after second thought - I realized I didnt' follow directions (it said to think unrealistically). Sorry, but this is about me! Endure it!

1) What would I do if I knew I couldn't fail? If I were 10 times smarter than the rest of the world. Instructions say to list up to five things - six months and 12 months. Here goes (yes, would look much better in a table or spreadsheet - but, oh well - goes back to my original statement of writing w/o trying to be pretty about it):

Six Month:


A Live in a lakefront home In Lakeway, TX (so I can go to Austin for the nightlife, enjoy the lake by day)

My children (all of them) with me in Lakeway, TX.

A hugely successful biz that doesn't consume more than 40% of my time.


20lbs heavier - which means I'm back in shape (I'm one of those odd freaks who loses weight when not working out instead of gaining weight)

Totally happy (never experienced it for long periods). Maybe I should say less manic! :-)

A movie star or famous in some other way


Working out 5 days a week, not including the two or more sessions of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Whatever it takes to free me of what I now know as reality

12 Month:

Same as above! ;-)

2) Same as above, but with more relevance since I clearly didn't follow directions

3) Convert each being into a doing:

Start working out! Enroll in BJJ.

Uhhh...shrink? Nah... exercise will help!

Get off my butt and go to a tryout for some show or movie. Suffer Humiliation, then do it again and again until the humiliation goes away (sorta like Tim's concept of lying down on a sidewalk in a busy place!).

4) What would change it all?

Well, movie star would be a good start. But successful biz would be a nice second! Money changes a lot. I'll take that for now.

5) Cost of dreams and Target Monthly Income for both six and 12 month timelines

Hhhhmmm....I think this should be kept private, don't you? Thx! the format shows up! Page 57 has a sample layout. w/o embedding a spreadsheet of some sorts or table that I don't see from blogger then this would have been hard...just deal with my vertical, ugly, flat layout - thx.

6) Basically, determine three steps for each of the four dreams in the six month dreamline and take the first step right now.

I guess this will have to wait for a future post! It's 10:15pm my time and it won't happen tonight - but I get the drift. I expect you to push me along if I haven't posted any updates to this post in the next few days.

There you have it! My dreamline. Hopefully w/o too many spelling errors. I seriously did this as I read each page - probably a good exercise and I hope you will do the same.



theskyling said...

Hi! Thanks for sharing the unpolished version of your dreamlining exercise! See, it gives us all permission to be unpolished ;)

I just put a post on dreamlining on my blog, trying to simplify/clarify it (I think that chapter is pretty confusing) - check it out if you like!


theskyling said...

Guess the link would help :)

The Four Hour Trial said...

Note: Cross Posting from what I put on her site:

Hi Hilarycat,

Thanks for posting on my blog! I read all your posts and enjoyed reading and hearing about your fears. I find it interesting that all of us have IT/Software backgrounds. By "all of us" - I mean me, you, the four hour journal (Brick) and the four hour diary (Rex) blogs. We are forming a nice little community and I think we all enjoy checking in on each other every now and again. It might be very possible that the only people who read my blog are the people mentioned here! :-) That's okay - it's new and hasn't revealed anything revolutionary yet.

I wish you and your husband the very best in your journey and hope that we will be able to continue conversations and learn from each other.