Thursday, January 10, 2008

Another Day...


-Finalized Graphic Design concepts for home page of web site. Had IM conversations with the actual designer - super nice guy and very quick at what he does. He lives half a world away from me, but totally understood all the concepts of what I was asking for. We spent about an hour going back-and-forth with ideas and concepts and we ended up with something that I think is perfect! It's nice to have access to this type of communication.

-Plugged voice-over recording into 800 line. Quality was too high (go figure) so I had to have VO artist reduce the quality! :-) She responded to my inquiry within minutes. I am super impressed with her and will continue to use her where applicable.

-Continued Research into Call Centers (not me, one of my partners). BTW, doesn't look like any of the call centers mentioned in 4HWW are going to work. They either require too much up-front money, are non-responsive or don't call anyone except existing customers.

-Continued development for web site/back end system. After struggling with FCKEditor on Rails 2.x, I found a nice little substitute that I rather like: TinyMCE. Very easy to use, easy to plug-in and does what I need it to do!

-Explored additional product/marketing options with my partners.

I have to keep in mind that not every day is going to have ground-breaking progress. As I get into the programming aspects of the site things can go slowly at first. Once the foundation is put in place then things start happening very quickly. I typically try to handle the harder parts of things first and then go to the easier aspects. This strategy doesn't always lend itself to quick "eye appeal" but works out best in the end and, from a software perspective, helps keep things architecturally sound.


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