Monday, January 7, 2008

In the last 24 hours - Something Rare Happened... Twice!

I know you've been following this blog, so you should ALREADY know what I'm gonna say - but for those of you who HAVE NOT been following my blog...get ready.

I'm a pretty easy person to please, until you get to know me - then I'm demanding as hell! Hahaha... I generally just want people to do what I ask and to do a good job at it.

That said, it is RARE that I'm blown away. I've learned to adjust my expectations of others to be REALISTIC - it saves a heck of a lot of frustration. the last 24 hours, I have been STUNNED by the BEAUTIFUL and QUALITY work of those I have found on eLance. WOW - that's an understatement. WOW WOW WOW....Triple WOW (that's redundant).

Last night I got my voice-overs for the 800 number. NO REVISIONS NEEDED! Can you believe that? To be fair, I did get a VERY early version of it last week just so I could help pick the background music - easier to do when a voice is on top of it. But it was just a sentence or two and I gave feedback based on that. So imagine the sweet surprise last night when I got the final version, with various edits to fix my choice of words in the script. I LOVED it! Passed it around to a few people - they loved it! DONE! PAID and future work going back to them because of the great quality.

Then...and this is even better...this afternoon I got THREE prototypes from our graphic designer. I AM BLOWN AWAY! Two of the three are AMAZING - the third is actually okay and probably in line with what my EXPECTATIONS would have been. But two of them - TRULY UNIQUE - beautiful works of art. OMG - you can't possibly imagine HOW HAPPY I am right now. I think I said in an earlier post, or in a comment, or on one of the blogs.... I didn't take the lowest bid for this one. In fact, I took the second to highest bid. I paid more than TWICE the MEDIAN bid. This was a big gamble. But when I looked at their portfolio - the sites just STUCK OUT as unique and professional. Unique - can't put my finger on it - but maybe just "a step or two (or three) above the rest. The gamble, for me, was that it was just these lovely portfolio sites and it wouldn't trickle down to my task. Not the case - I'm so delighted I may even have to overpay them when this is all said and done. Mind you - this was THEIR FIRST VERSION in front of me. AMAZING!!!! Can you tell I'm excited? Heck yes I am. I'm lovin' it (I'm pretty confident that's taken by McDonalds - no infringement intended - please consider it free advertising).

May the upcoming days be filled with wonderful surprises like the one's I have just received.


p.s. - Don't ask me for the name of the companies because I won't give them out yet. Only once my little project is no longer anonymous will I do such a thing. So you can ask, but shall not receive - YET! I do hope you understand!

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